Guild Connect for EverQuest II!


- Chat
The very basics of the program is an IRC-like chat which can be used to chat with your guild both online and offline EverQuest II. Both public and private chat is possible.

- Sound Alerts and Contested Camping
There is a built-in system to send sound alerts to those online Guild Connect, or to individual members. The same sound alert feature can be used to automatically camp contested mobs. If then a member dies to a contested mob that pops the sound alert will go out to everyone online Guild Connect.

- AOE Timers
AOE Timers added by an admin in Guild Connect will automatically be available for everyone online. Guild Connect takes advantage of the client-server model so even if a member is too far away to pickup an AOE, as long as someone does, everyone gets notified. The same holds true for any timer modification.

- Private and Global Triggers
While private triggers is very much the same as triggers added in ACT, global triggers takes advantages of the client-server model just like the AOE timers do. They can be used to add a trigger which automatically is available for everyone without the need for everyone to individually add the same trigger. It can also be used to notify the guild of things that only shows up in one persons log - like certain curses for instance. The trigger will then be broadcasted telling everyone who got the curse, both in text and Text-to-Speech. The fact that Guild Connect can have text show up as well as a sound on triggers means that you also can have Guild Connect look for certain texts in the log at all times and have it show up there. Like if people add links in EverQuest II you can have them show up in Guild Connect where all you got to do is click the link to browse there.

- Item Links
Any item links shown in Guild Connect will have a a proper item link to where you can easily check out where it drops.

- Guild Chat
Guild Chat will show up in Guild Connect (but can be disabled individually). This means that even if you are not online EverQuest II you are still able to read the Guild Chat. (Note: That this requires that atleast one person in Guild Connect is actually online EverQuest II so that his or her log file can be parsed.)

- DKP Management
Guild Connect can make DKP management alot easier for those guilds that use EQDKP or EQDKP Plus. With short commands Guild Connect can add raids, items and individual adjustments directly to EQDKP. As an example the command '/dkp r VP@2' (without quotation marks) would add everyone online Guild Connect to a Veeshans Peak raid. It is extremely easy to use and takes basically no time at all. And can, like any other Guild Connect command, be used directly from within EverQuest II.

- Parse Sharing
Together with ACT, Guild Connect can be used for sharing parses with everyone automatically. All it requires is one person running ACT. After every fight the parse gets broadcasted to everyone online and can show both the DPS and Heal parse. (Please note that parse sharing is the only feature in Guild Connect that takes advantage of ACT.)



Free 7 Day Trial

You get your own server for your guild and the monthly (30 days) fee depends on the maximum concurrent users that you want.
The price is $0.60 per concurrent user per 30 days. You are however welcome to have a trial server set up for your guild for 7 days, free of charge.

Prices based on max concurrent users (simultaneous connections to the server) per 30 days


Contact: martin[underscore]sjostrand[at]msn[dot]com